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Caminar: San Mateo Mental Health Services Supporting Wellness, Recovery & Community Integration
Caminar’s San Mateo mental health services specialize in providing state-of-the-art mental health treatment programs that focus on health & wellness, recovery, and community integration.  We strive to provide “people-first” community-based non-profit mental health services by promoting a full spectrum of options; our mental health recovery services are focused on opportunities to learn, grow, and move beyond disability to a place where a full, rewarding life is a reality.

Caminar San Mateo Mental Health Services Center On Collaborative Partnership
Each of our San Mateo County programs revolves around the development of collaborative partnership with the individuals we serve.  Those receiving treatment services help direct the planning themselves, along with assistance from an encouraging support network of family and friends when possible.  Caminar is mindful of the cultural perspective of each person and creates service plans that make sense and celebrate the diversity of our community.

Mental Health Recovery Services For People With Co-Occurring Disorders
The programs in our Caminar San Mateo Region also aim to reach out and provide support services to people with co-occurring disorders. Our respectful and encouraging expert staff is professionally trained in substance abuse and mental health recovery—we are fully dedicated to the recovery journey for each individual we serve.

A vital part of the recovery process is to encourage opportunities such as employment, education, and creative talents. Whatever the hopes and dreams of the individual might be, our supportive services are created upon a foundation of encouragement and achievement. Caminar proudly celebrates the victories and successes of our clients through the sharing of stories which highlight the accomplishments of the individual—such as with the Beacon Awards presented to Caminar consumers who have inspired others by their example in recovery.

San Mateo County Communities Served By Caminar’s Mental Health Services

The communities we serve here in the San Mateo, California region include:

• Daly City, CA
• South San Francisco, CA
• San Mateo, CA
• Redwood City, CA
• Pacifica, CA
• Half Moon Bay, CA
• San Bruno, CA
• Millbrae, CA
• Burlingame, CA
• San Carlos, CA
• Belmont, CA
• Menlo Park, CA
• East Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for taking a few moments to learn more about the community-based mental health services we provide right here in San Mateo County.  If you would like to assist us in achieving our mission, please take a minute or two to learn more about our giving opportunities. Thank you!

Caminar’s vocational services are CARF accredited.  The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent nonprofit organization, whose focus is on ensuring that only high-quality services get the CARF accreditation. CARF’s rigorous standards provide assurance that Caminar of San Mateo County's services are of that high quality.